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Happy Birthday!

Meet her, birthday girl. My lovely cuzzy. Happy Birthday Sis Zee :">
31.12.2011, such a wonderful date sis, the end of this. You're the lucky person who born on the last day of the year. Anyway, Happy Birthday Sis Khairiah Aziera or known as Sis Ajiera. Have a blast and have a nice day sis. Wish you luck in your life and also gudluck with your studies. Yang keberapa eh? Umm, yang ke - 20, I guess. Ha, betul lah. Yang ke duapuluh, hihi. Umur je naik, tapi dia kecil molek je. Tinggi aku je, hihi. Semoga akak gembira pratical Uitm Kuala Pilah, N9. Miss you a lot sis.

Happy Birthday Sis Zee, xoxo

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